Sunday, August 19, 2007

How Has Ladd McNamara Affected Your Life?

I am a 28 year old Cystic Fibrosis patient who has benefited tremendously from Dr. McNamara's friendship, wisdom and expertise. When my husband and I first learned I was pregnant, we were filled with so many different emotions. It was hard to not think of all the times the doctors had told me that my life would be in serious risk if I ever got pregnant. They told me I would most likely not survive the pregnancy, and suggested the unacceptable. We immediately knelt in prayer to give thanks for this gift, and ask for the faith and strength to go through with our decision, given that all the doctors were against it. Immediately after we finished praying we both said, "We need to contact Dr. McNamara, he will believe in us and help us." His knowledge of how proper supplementation and pregnancy affects cystic fibrosis were things we hadn't heard from any of our doctors. His suggestions, love, and encouragement gave us HOPE and the peace of mind we needed at that critical time. Dr. McNamara truly made a difference, and we have been blessed with a beautiful baby. In my life, whenever I ask my Father in Heaven for help I have found that he usually sends me help in the form of what I call "earth angels." Dr. McNamara is certainly one of those earth angels.

With Love,
(Sharlie, Ryan, and baby Harrison)

The comment link below is an oppotunity for you to describe how Ladd McNamara has affected your life in a positive way. Please keep in mind that you should not make any health claims about any specific nutritional supplement brands regarding cures or treatment. The purpose of the comment section is NOT to expound on a specific product brand, as we already know that quality nutritional supplements, along with a healthy lifestyle, promote good health; it is to share how Ladd McNamara has made a difference for you or someone you care about.

Although he is retired from the practice of medicine, you may comment on how Ladd McNamara, the retired physician, counselor, and teacher has helped you personally over the years. It doesn't matter whether he treated you directly as a patient during his practice, or whether you learned something from his lectures, books, or CDs; please share with others the impact this man has had on you and/or your loved ones out of his expertise in both traditional and nutritional medicine.
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debra casey said...

Ladd -- your passion, knowledge and credibility have done so much for the USANA family. I can't thank you enough for helping change people's lives around the world.....I've personally seen and talked to the people whose lives you have improved. You are a true pioneer in the health and wellness industry. I hope to see many powerful stories on this blog because I KNOW they are out there!

pam said...


Your "USANA Product" webcasts are my favorite to increase my own knowledge, share with my fellow USANA Associates and Preferred Customers. Thanks for providing them.

Your CD "The Power of Cellular Nutrition" contains a wealth of knowledge and shares your breadth of experience in improving the health of many with "optimal nutrition at the cellular level". I love it! Listen to it often.

Your book, "The Cholesterol Conspiracy" woke me up to the gravity of the Statin Drugs.

Thank you for your generosity in educating us all and helping carry forward Dr. Wentz's vision of "a world free of pain and suffering"!

A blog ... great way to share!

Ojai said...

Ladd is brilliant, compelling, and Passioniate about Usana!
His product webcasts are superb!
I love his presentations in person also, very informative!
He is an absolute pure example of a leader and a do whatever takes individual.
We appreciate you Ladd, your Power of Celluar Nutrition CD is incredible!

M said...

It has been a comfort, when a loved one is faced with medical challenges, to know that there is someone like Dr. McNamara who has both medical and nutritional knowledge and who is willing to be of assistance. This is truly a gift and I have counted my lucky stars to be able to consult with him. As a change management consult, and someone who is diligent about her own journey, I have watched Dr. McNamara pioneer a road that has it's own set of difficulties and appreciate the opportunity to express my gratitude for his courage and fortitude. Marci Smith

Gail said...


I have attended many of your presentations and read all of your amaze me with your knowledge and passion to share. I know from the feedback I have personally received that you have improved so many lives through your consultations, presentations and books.

You are brilliant! I have never met a man so willing to share his passion and education with the world.

Thank you, Dr. McNamara!

Gail Hanson

Rosie said...

I am grateful for the chance to put a penny in the pot.
I believe you are among the most selfless and devoted individuals at USANA. I know you to be a tireless contributor, a leader who won't take no for an answer, and a leader of health and wellness in a class by yourself.
I remember coming into USANA in 1999 and learning about you practically on day one. When I reflect how much I have learned from you and how much fun it has been to work with you... I consider myself fortunate to know you.
Keep up the awesome work. Diamond is going to look very beautiful on you.
Rosie Spiegel

Andrea Flohr said...

Dr. McNamara,
I have already told you personally what an impact you have had in my life. I am thankful to have this opportunity to post to the public what the opportunity to listen to you speak and share your expertise on gaining optimum nutrition through using USANA Health Sciences has done for me. I've never been this healthy nor had this high of a quality of life! You were God's vessel as I sat through your seminar that day and made the committment to begin the products that USANA offers and gain my life and health back! The hope that you instilled in me during that meeting has now become true reality. I now pursue this as my career in growing the USANA family and building a successful business. Thank you for your committment and dedication. I wish I could have heard you speak at Convention last week!

Andrea Flohr
West Virginia

Andrea Flohr said...
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Mike Neeley said...

It would take the writing of an entire book to express the many ways and times Dr. McNamara has positively affected my life over the past 4 years. He is the single most compassionate and passionate Doctor, Leader, Collegue and friend I have ever known. None of this is news to anyone who knows him.

Over the past four years, Dr. McNamara has tirelessly been there to not only answer questions about medicine and Usana for me, but to encourage me when I needed it, often when he could have used some encouragement himself. But he constantly, relentlessly motivates us and moves us forward, while willingly assisting anyone who crosses his path. Dr. McNamara has been there countless times to help me with cases in my clinic when I needed his expertise, never once asking for compensation; no, actually REFUSING compensation for helping many people he has never even met!

Dr.McNamara led my wife and I to Klemmer and Associates, the most powerful personal developement training I have ever experienced. Now through Klemmer and Associates AS WELL as through Usana, we are blessed beyond measure with a multitude of friends and collegues we would otherwise have never met. Also through Ladd, I met a man who has become as close to me as any brother and whom I love dearly, Mr. Scott LaPointe. I owe this lifelong friendship to Dr. McNamara and the good Lord above. You see, Dr. McNamara's positive influences certainly include but also go far, far beyond Usana and Medicine. His positive influences are universal.

Dr. McNamara is a Doctor's Doctor, a Leader's Leader, an incredible, loving collegue and friend, and one of the most passionate and compassionate people to grace this Earth in modern times. For those of us fortunate enough to know Dr. McNamara, and for the thousands of people he has helped without even knowing them, we have each been truely and richly blessed by the Spirit of this truely annointed Man among men.

Mike and Cindy Neeley said...

Once again you are proving yourself to be an incredible leader. Today's conference call was the beginning of many answers we need to move our businesses into the the realm of internet network marketing. Thanks again for all you do!