Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ladd McNamara "The Power of Celllular Nutrition"

Please add your comments to this section about how this CD has helped you understand the power of nutritional supplementation and affected your health and/or the building of your network marketing business in the wellness arena. You are most welcome to be specific about what company you are with, and how it has helped you sponsor people into your buisness. Actually, the more specific your stories the more interesting it is to other readers. However, please do NOT make claims about any products treating or curing a disease, especially if you mention a specific supplement brand.

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Ladd McNamara practiced medicine as a board certified medical doctor for approx. ten years in Atlanta, Ga. He is currently retired from medicine, however he is heavily involved in the health and wellness movement through network marketing.

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Rick & April Billings said...

I love this CD, The Power of Cellular Nutrition. This is a life changing message. It's amazing the passion that one man can have in changing people lives. This CD has taught me that high quality nutritional supplements are Gods way of helping man kind in the world that we've created.